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Conegliano la terra. Prosecco il vino


A complex hill system shaped by ancient glaciers, not far from the left bank of the river Piave, equidistant from the Dolomites, which protect its northern flank, and the Adriatic, which keeps its climate gentle and temperate is the landscape of the Prosecco production zone that saddles Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

It is a generous terrain, albeit difficult to cultivate. Vineyards grow on very steep slopes, culled from the hills centimetre by centimetre by the hard work of wine grape growers. The production zone includes 15 municipalities

and extends over an area of approximately 18,000 hectares of agricultural land, 6100 of which are dedicated to wine grape growing. Vines are grown only on the south-facing part of the hills, at a height that may reach 500 metres.

 This is the land where in 2009 Prosecco was awarded recognition as a DOCG.

And this is the land to which Zardetto belongs.