A thousand-year history, with frescoes, art and wine culture


It is certainly not by chance that its thousand year history features art, culture, and the dynamism and entrepreneurship of its people. The spirit that animates Conegliano and its inhabitants seems to take its strength directly from the wonderful land, UNESCO world heritage, in which it is deeply rooted.

in Conegliano in 1876 it was founded the Royal School of Viticulture and Enology”

Conegliano lives and works intensely and just as intensely enjoys its culinary and wine traditions of good food and drink.
The history of modern science applied to Italian wine could never have begun in a different place from Conegliano, where the “Royal School of Viticulture and Oenology” was founded in 1876 and where today core research into Italian sparkling wine methods is concentrated.

People from Conegliano take its history all over the world, travelling with a baggage of knowledge, battles won and character. However, sooner or later they come back, obeying the irresistible call of their land and roots.
The Zardetto family is no exception: it was born in Conegliano and has lived and worked there for centuries, and from Conegliano has drawn its blood and vocation.